Field Trip to the Indiana Jones Museum

According to LucasFilm, unless someone has an undocumented secret collection, the Ravenwood Museum in Manitoba, Canada, is the largest private Indiana Jones collection in the World.

…and last week I was invited to visit!

Most of what I did was run from shelf to shelf saying things like, “No Way!”, “Oh My God!” & “Shut Up!” so I didn’t take all the photos I wish I had. But here are the few I managed to walk away with…

The Ravenwood  Museum is an 1,100 sq. foot building with over 7,000 Indiana Jones items from around the world.  I got wind of it last year when I started listening to The IndyCast podcast.  Les David is the man who put it all together 6 years ago in a refurbished barn on his private property.  The collection isn’t open to the public, so I was honored to have Les give me a tour himself.

The Fertility Idol & Indy’s replacement bag of sand. (from Raiders)

Although museum pieces included clothing, music, books, toys, games and many prototypes never before seen by the pubic, most of the items I photographed are Prop Replicas & Sixth Scale Figure Environments from Sideshow Collectibles.

Indy being rescued by Sallah in the Map Room. (from Raiders)

As part of the collection there were many meticulously crafted fan made items.  Nurhaci’s Urn, pictured below, is fan made.

Gold coins, Diamond & the remains of Nurhaci. (from Temple)

Pamphlet promoting Willie Scott at Club Obi Wan & the all important Antidote. (from Temple)

Mola Ram & Indy play tug-of-war with the Sankara Stones. (from Temple)

The Cross of Coronado (from Crusade)

Me, gingerly holding the Holy Grail. (from Crusade)

A bearded Indy plays sax in Mystery of the Blues. (from Young Indy)

Les had an entire wall lined with Indy slot machines and arcade games brought in from around the globe.

Even with such a supple wrist I never finished my Indy pinball game due to distraction.

There were huge cabinet drawers carefully preserving rare posters and original Indy art. Included were the “Free Mining for the Kids” poster, seen at the top of this post, and this wonderful piece…

An original canvas painting depicting Indy preparing for one of his adventures.

Containing my inner child while holding the Chalice of Kali & the Fertility Idol in front of a life sized Indy.

The big Indy news being discussed this summer is the upcoming BluRay release of the movies.  Many Indy fans are upset that deleted scenes will not be included. Les had a photo of the Indy riding the periscope deleted scene from Raiders, and was cool enough to email it to me…

Deleted periscope scene. (from Raiders)

What felt like 15 minutes was actually 3 hours spent jumping from one item to another. Les was very patient, allowing me to handle many pieces and giving me the story behind everything I saw.  Even after that lengthy visit I never got to explore everything and will one day have to return. I’m obviously an Indiana Jones fan, and to be in a room dedicated to Indy, floor to ceiling, was an absolute thrill. 3 days later I’m still buzzing about it and regretting not taking the time to read the entire Grail Diary, or take a picture of the original “Marvel Further Adventures…” cover art, or to chloroform Les and play with all his Indy toys while he slept.

I wanna thank Ed Dolista from The IndyCast and give a HUGE thank you to Les David for the invite, taking the time to show me around & for all the work he has done collecting & documenting everything in The Ravenwood Museum. Check out his website and ‘like’ the Throw Me The Idol facebook page.

Thanks, Les.


-ps- An Indy-ish video I did a number of years ago 😉

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10 Podcasts I Never Miss

If you don’t know what a podcast is you’re missing out. It’s like having a radio station play only your favorite programs whenever you want to hear them. Science!

Once I discovered podcasts I stopped listening to music. There are only so many hours in the day, so I’ve had to be pretty discerning as to the ones I stick with.

Off the top of my head here are 10 podcasts I always make time for.  Click on the icons or the links provided & start downloading everything for free…

#10 – This American Life

(Once a week / 1hr)

This American Life has been around since 1995. They pick a topic and present three stories based on the theme. Ira Glass is the host and there are so many talented contributors.  This is the program that brought David Sedaris to the public.  So, if you like him you’ll love TAL.

#9 – Desert Island Discs

(Once a week / 30-40mins)

A BBC mainstay since 1942, a public figure sits with Kristy Young and brings in 8 pieces of music that define their lives.  Not only do you get a wonderful biography of accomplished people you are also introduced to many different types of fantastic music.

#8 – All Songs Considered

(Once a week / 30-60mins)

Speaking of music, every podcast the hosts of ASC bring in their favorite new music of the week. I’ve been introduced to so much cool new music months before it becomes popular. Ever heard of Carly Rae Jepsen? Ya, she’s so 8 months ago, thanks to ASC.

#7 – Under the Influence

(Once a week / 30mins)

Not only does Terry O’Reilly have a cool narrative voice, but he uses it to tell the coolest stories about pop culture and how it relates to advertising.  Much like This American Life, this podcast is so popular that you have to pay for back-episodes. Trust me, this podcast is worth it.

#6 – The IndyCast

(Every two weeks / 1-2hrs)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it here…you aren’t truly an Indiana Jones fan if you haven’t listened to The IndyCast. Ed Dolista started the show 5 years ago and they’ve already reached 148 episodes. Last summer when I discovered the IndyCast I downloaded every episode and listened to them all straight through. Great guests, brilliant features, enthusiastic contributors, every Indy fact, all Indy news, and everything put together by the strong talent of Ed Dolista. If Adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

#5 – Wiretap

(Once a week / 25mins)

It’s really not easy to describe Wiretap.  Jonathan Goldstein hosts a radioshow and as he tries to make senses of the world around him his eccentric friends call in or drop by to make things difficult and entertaining.  Very funny & often beautiful, I dole this show out sparingly because I hate when it ends.

#4 – Stuff You Should Know

(Every Tue & Thur / 30-60mins)

I just wanna hang with Josh Clark & Charles “Chuck” Bryant. These guys are so laid back, funny and overflowing with such cool facts and histories.  Twice a week they’ll tell you everything you need to and want to know about everything. EVERYTHING! It’s as if Wikipedia turned into your two funnest friends.

#3 – Here’s the Thing

(Every two weeks / 30+mins)

In depth & casual conversations with the likes of David Letterman, Kristen Wiig, Dick Cavett, Lorne Michaels, Billy Joel, and more. The best part? It’s hosted by Alec Baldwin! The Robert Lustig episode is one of my favorites.

#2 – The Memory Palace

(Once a month / 5-20mins)

I wish this was an everyday podcast.  In the most beautiful and poetic manner Nate DiMeo narrates a short story that feels like a dream, could be a movie, and is 100% true. Like a haunting bedtime story, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  Don’t miss this one.

#1 – The Adam Carolla Show

(Every week day / 1-2hrs)

Ok, I admit, Adam Carolla isn’t for everyone. I have converted so many friends and even a couple of those have fallen away.  Recently someone referred to the Ace Man (Adam) as my “Personal Jesus.” I can’t argue. I laugh out loud while listening and not a day goes by that I don’t pass along some of his wisdom “…You know, Adam would say…”.  He’s controversial and everyday I live with the fear that Adam will one day say something so over the line that he won’t be able to rebound and I’ll have to keep my love a secret.  Starting from nothing here’s a guy that has created an empire. According to Guinness, as of last year, the AC Show is the most downloaded podcast in history. Among his razor sharp quick wit Adam has some truly inspiring philosophies. “Remember, if it doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t make you happy, Don’t do it.” -Adam Carolla


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MGM Q&A from Summer 2010

In June of 2010 some of the SGU cast were given questions sent in by fans to answer. Sporadically, throughout the fall of 2010, they would show up on The Official Stargate Website.  Here, compiled for the first time in one place, are all my answers to the 40 questions I was given last summer…

Name: Chad
Location: IL
Content: What should I name my cat?
Larry.  Nothing funnier than an animal with a human name. How about Lawrence James McGillicutty? I have a English Professor friend who named her cat Nonny, so she could bellow “Hey Nonny, Nonny!”

Location: Pocatello, ID
Content: If you had a Kino in real life, what would you do with it?
I’d design a small backpack that the Kino could fit in and float myself around town. Ooh, kinda like what Ethan Hawke & River Phoenix  did in that movie “Explorers,” without the peeping-tom subplot. Instead I’d convince the locals I was a wizard and rule my village.

Name: Michael
Location: Honolulu
Content: If you could find anything while exploring the rest of Destiny, what would it be? (Gadget, room, person…)
A barber shop. An ancient cafe. A hot tub.  Remember that big gallery style room we got a peak at in ‘Air’?  It was a big domed room with a massive hole through the roof so we couldn’t get inside. I’d try to fix that room up. What a view that would be. Almost as pretty as the Observation Deck.

Name: Nathaniel
Location: England
Content: In the episode “Faith”, the team found an almost perfect planet to live on, but it has no name.  What name would you give it and why?
Volker would probably have some boring scientific reference name like “M-5T6.”  I lean towards the irreverent. New Alberta, Narnia, NakedChloeia. The cast & crew refer to it simply as ‘Faith.’

Name: Nathaniel
Location: England
Content: If you found an unnamed starship, what name would you give it and why?
I’d maybe pull some name from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy like ‘Heart of Gold’ or…what was the name of the ship that was powered on Bad News, because “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news.” Classic.

Name: Samantha
Location: Gold Bar, WA
Content: Do you have any scars from doing certain stunts?
I don’t. I’m lucky. But I’m in such bad shape right now that walking down a corridor could be considered a stunt. But there have been scenes that have had some physical side effects. In “the coffin” during ‘Pain’ I thrashed about so much I ended up with a large bump on my forehead. In ‘Incursion Pt2,’ when Brody and I kept Young from Rush, my wrist got bent between them and I damn near broke it.

Name: Julie
Location: Sliven, Bulgaria
Content: What do you think about the new aliens from the episode “Space”?  Did you know what they looked like before you started shooting?
When I see that thing hiss while tied to the chair I still get chills. Before filming we were shown a rendering of what they intended to do, but seeing the Blue Aliens come to life was an experience of it’s own. Mark Savela and his team have more thrilling tricks up their sleeve for Season 2.

Name: Robert
Location: Dombóvár
Content: What was the funniest mistake you made or the funniest scene you played in?
Oh c’mon. Where do I start?  Check out the Kino “Wait For It”.  As scripted it ended with us giggling at Brody’s misfortune and Scott asking “What did you guys do?” In one take Haig Sutherland improvised and blurted out “We turned him blue!” It was so unexpected and ridiculous that I fell apart…and that’s the cut they used. Look for it, that’s me actually laughing. That happens at least once a day on the SGU set.

Name: Rainer
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Content: What do you do on set when you’re not acting?
If we’re not in our cast chairs socializing, and we’re not doing laps of the studio lot in the golf cart, I’m usually standing next to Peter Kelamis ordering him to make me laugh, “Ok, now do that impression of DeLuise…HA! Great, now do that voice, HAHA ok now dance…DANCE MONKEY!”  I’m not kidding.  I don’t know why he complies or why he still hangs out with me.

Name: Chad
Location: Canada
Content: Other than Stargate, what’s your favorite sci-fi movie or TV show, and why?
I was a nut for Lost. I never watched any of the Star Trek shows though I loved the original Star Trek movies. Crazy about Empire Strikes Back. I’ve liked the stories that don’t rely on the SciFi but just happen to exist in that world. I want it to be subtle and graceful. That’s why we’re critical of the recent Star Wars movies and why I’m such a fan of Stargate Universe.

Name: Ed
Location: England, UK
Content: Do you watch the show after production?
I do. We all do.  When we all can coordinate the night off we sometimes watch together. For the back half of Season 1 Production lent me the DVDs and I spent an entire day watching them back-to-back. It’d fair to say we’re all fans of our show. Watching the cast get handed new scripts is proof enough. It’s like Christmas.

Name: Sam
Location: Gold Bar, WA
Content: Out of all the cast members, who is the biggest prankster or goofball?
By now you all should know the answer to this. Louis!  Though everyone has their moments. Kelamis makes me laugh the hardest, but when Brian says something funny it usually ends with him laughing at his own jokes, which makes me laugh even harder.

Name: Frances
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Content: What kind of pet would your character like to have with them on Destiny? Does your character have a pet on Earth that they’re missing?
I’ve never thought Volker to be a pet person. He spent too much time in School and working to take care of an animal.  But if somehow a pet ended up on Destiny…a dog would be great for moral, and it would alert us when something was amiss. We’ve joked on set about throwing dog poo through the gate and it landing on an unsuspecting planet.

Name: Russell
Location: New Hartford, NY
Content: If Earth could make a one-time planned 38-minute gate connection with Destiny, what would your character request the SGC to send?
Books!  Destiny only has a handful of books and Volker has read them all by now. Music! I think Eli’s iPhone is the only music on board. Soap and fresh clothes…’nuff said.

Name: Brian
Location: Grafton, Australia
Content: Would you like a running gag in the show?  If so, what would it be?
Sure, as long as it’s not a cheesy catch phrase. As actors we love deciphering our characters relationships and revisiting past nuances and jokes. It develops an intertextuality that makes the world more real.

Name: Aydin
Location: England, UK
Content: If you could be trapped with anyone on the Destiny in real life, who would it be?
I read this two ways…If I were to be trapped somewhere with anyone from the Destiny crew I’d put up with the patronizing and be stranded with Rush. Though I wouldn’t put it past him to use me as a food source. If I were to be trapped ON Destiny with anyone, probably my Brother. He gets me out of most of my jams.

Name: Oren
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Content: If you were director for one day and could make one episode of SGU, what would it be about?
It would be about the characters missing Earth, losing hope.  That’s real. Spencer’s suicide was so true and the reality of the journey is, all we have is each other. No fresh air, very little entertainment, no loved ones. “Live together or die alone” to quote Dr. Jack Shepherd. I love those kind of stories.

Name: Trevor
Location: Ontario, Canada
Content: If they found a way of traveling between Earth and Destiny which characters would you choose to stay and work on Destiny, and who would go to Earth and not return to Destiny?
Most of the dudes are going back home. I’d leave people with necessary jobs, medics, security, Brody’s Bar.  The females are all welcome and encouraged to stay. Round it out by booting anyone who doesn’t laugh at my jokes and I think we have a pretty tight crew for a fun voyage.

Name: Robert
Location: Perth
Content: When you’re shooting a gate scene, do you imagine it’s real? And if so, do you get nervous before walking through it?
When I did BSG I explored the studio during a break. I came across one of the old Vipers and ran my hand along the nose. That was exciting. But mores so, to this day, anytime I walk through the Stargate, even in rehearsal I get excited.  It’s not just a rite of passage, it’s something unexplainable. I’m not much of a SciFi guy, but this gets me every time. Maybe because I’m one of a select few that have done so, and on many occasions.

Name: Stevie
Location: England
Content: If you had to choose to play a different character on the show, who would you want to play and why?
The casting has been so dead on that no one could ever presume to fill the shoes of other characters.  However, Scott has had some pretty crazy stuff happen to him and Brian has performed a lot of incredible stunts. That might be kinda fun. But Brian does it better than anyone. I’m pretty happy with Volker.

Name: Joel
Location: Northern Sweden
Content: What character on the show would you like to go out on a date with in real life?
Stick with me on this one…I’d go with Jamil. He is one of the most charismatic people I know and if we hit the town together our table would be populated by females in no time. I would walk away with so many girl’s phone numbers that my kids would be paying off my phone bill long after I’m gone. He is such a charming and disarming individual. If I had Jamil’s power to meet people and make friends I’m afraid I would use it for pure evil.

Name: Terry
Location: Canada
Content: Where did your character’s name come from?  Was there any significance to the name, or a story behind it?
You know, Brad Wright told me at one point and I have since forgotten. I think it was just a cool sounding name…Volker! I love it. When my agent called and told me I had landed the part she said “You got the part of Volker!” I said, “Vulgar?” “Ya!” “They want me to play him vulgar?” “No, his name is VOLKER.”

Name: Carla
Location: Oklahoma City
Content: What one song do you think best suits/describes your character?
On the serious side try “Open” by Peter Gabriel off his album ‘Passion.’ It suits the Destiny journey and is personal to me. On a casual note try “Blue” by The Jayhawks.  Although Volker could hang with his shipmates and drink to this song, there’s something sad about it. And then there’s Mozart’s “Concerto for Flute and Harp in C” In Volker’s quieter moments I usually have this playing in my head.

Name: Aled
Location: Wales
Content: If you could use the Stargate to bring any person real or fictional onto the Destiny, who would it be and why?
Well, they’d have to be of a scientific bend, wouldn’t they. Someone who would also be good company. Someone who has uncanny luck in dangerous situations. Someone healthy so they don’t up and die on me mid journey. Someone with Military experience would help.  So, um…huh, ah hell, I don’t know.  Just send Elle Macpherson through the gate, please.

Name: Vincent
Location: Slovakia, Europe
Content: If the Stargate actually existed, would you have the courage to step through?
If there was no guarantee of return I don’t think I would. I kinda like what I have here on Earth. But man, “what a rush” that would be. If it was safe, absolutely. I’d ride it like a water slide.

Name: Cody
Location: Billings, MT
Content: How long would it take you to go crazy on Destiny in real life?
Without fresh air…a month maybe. I’d get cabin fever and would spend most of my time on the observation deck or on away missions.  I use that with Volker often. Without the relationships he has he’d be so miserable.  It’s a dark existence in a dark place always on the verge of disaster. Thank God Space is not the worst place for an Astrophysicist to be lost in.

Name: Shauna
Location: Leicester, UK
Content: While settling into your role, did you ever struggled with the scientific terminology?
‘Incursion Part 2’. My speech on  the Accretion disk had me so tongue tied. I had over rehearsed it before filming.  It took over 10 takes to get it, but even then I wasn’t happy with it. I remember Bobby & Louis coming over and hugging me. That’s how angry I was getting. Andy Mikita was so patient and gracious. We laugh about it now, though if it happens again I’ll be just as angry.

Name: Ribbo
Location: Warrington, England
Content: What scene from season one are you most proud of?
My Kino in ‘Darkness.’  It felt like the writers were willing taking a chance on us and I didn’t want to let them down. Brad Wright wrote it so well and I wanted to do it justice. That scene signifies the beginning of who Volker has become. I’m proud of that.

Name: Robert
Location: Edmonton Alberta
Content: What would you do on Destiny if you got stuck in a day that repeated itself?
I would tell off every authority figure, hit on our female crew and take full advantage of Brody’s Bar…because there’d be no hangovers. No consequences.  Volker, however,  would probably just tell off Young & Rush, then spend the rest of the time studying, mastering the Destiny’s systems or learning a talent, then wooing Andie MacDowell.

Name: Sérgio
Location: Cascais, Portugal
Content: What are the chances of a food fight happening in a near future, given that the food is scarce and everyone is really sick of that white stuff?
Not bloody likely.  Keep in mind we don’t have a change of clothes either. And who knows what kind of cleaning supplies we have.  I’d think a fist fight is more probable.

Name: Cody
Location: Pittsboro, IN
Content: In real life, if you could take home anything from Destiny, what would it be?
Pictures. Though Eli’s iPhone is the only camera I know about. Maybe one of the kino balls. I’d love a copy of Eli’s documentary. I’d probably take my clothes home and frame them like a jersey. Stains and all.

Name: Arianne
Location: Canada
Content: If you were stuck in the same situation as your character, what would you miss the most about Earth?
The Air. A breeze over your bed while you slept. Wind in your face while you walked. Thunderstorms, smell of rain on pavement.  For the most part we may find similar weather on other planets, but the nice thing about Earth weather is you can enjoy it without the fear that some alien creature is going to disembowel you at any moment.

Name: Debra
Location: Cleveland, OH
Content: If you could have any job other than acting, which job would you choose and why?
I struggle with that thought every day. Acting is such an unpredictable career that it could end at any given moment. I have a University Degree but it’s not an employable degree.  To stay relevant in this industry you need to bring more to the table aside from just acting.  Maybe I’d teach, but probably a be shepherd or hobo…I like to travel and be outdoors.

Name: Jamie
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
Content: With food choice limited on the ship, what would be the first thing your character would want to eat if returned to Earth?
Volker…He’d probably drop hundreds of dollars on a fancy meal with many bottles of wine, then would sleep it off for days. Me? BBQ’d peppercorn steak, hotdogs, beer and then would spend weeks sleeping it all off.

Name: Jakob
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Content: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Chocolate Peanut Butter, from Baskin Robbins. Hands down. Ugh, now you got me thinking about it…

Name: SGUgeek
Location: Scranton
Content: What is your favorite video game?
I had Intellevision growing up. Then I went almost 2 decades without video games. Then I bought a XBox360 & Wii. I love ‘Bioshock’ for 360. Great atmospheric game. And for the Wii…Frisbee Golf on ‘Resort.’ Kelamis brings beer and we spend hours playing Frisbee Golf…I have yet to beat him. I admit it.

Name: Ian
Location: Manchester, UK
Content: What’s the most interesting stunt you have had to do on set?
There’s been some cool on location explosions, but the “coffin” bit in ‘Pain’ was thrilling. It wasn’t hard to get motivated for the terror and at times I had to take breathers between takes to calm down.  But nothing more iconic than the first gate transfer from Icarus to Destiny. What mayhem and what a cool beginning to the epic.

Name: Voriki
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Content: Seeing as how you’ll be wearing the same thing for the foreseeable future, how many copies of your costume are actually used on the show?
I’d say 5, maybe more. They have many sets that they gradually break down to show the passage of time and wear.  It’s so comfortably worn-in now. Its like your jeans just before you wash them, ya know? Though the waist is getting kinda tight 😉

Name: Samantha
Location: Gold Bar, WA
Content: What was it like having Robert Carlyle direct the episode “Pathogen”?
What a great way to start Season 2. After we had the ‘Pathogen’ read through Robert closed the script, looked up at the cast and asked “Ok, what’s this episode about?”  Discussing the themes and plans for the episode and the season was such a creative and exciting way to begin. He was very giving and offered some really thoughtful suggestions. I hope he directs more. I’m a big fan.

Name: Makarei
Location: Australia
Content: Is the Ancient interface chair real in regards to it being a solid item for the cast to sit on, and does it come with a massage setting as I would like to purchase a replica for my lounge.
Yes, it is real. It killed my friend Mark Burgess and nearly killed Robert Carlyle.  God help you if you built one in your living room. Though it is quite comfy. Massages your temples.


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Sergeant George Miok

I’m in Edmonton, Alberta right now to celebrate the birthday of George Miok.  George’s brother Mike has been one of my closest friends since High School.  George is the youngest of four brothers.  He joined the Military at 17, served in Afghanistan, came back home, became a teacher, and taught Grade 7 at St. Cecilia’s Junior High School in Edmonton.  Then Sergeant George Miok decided to do another tour before he settled down as a teacher for the rest of his life.  George was killed outside of Kandahar, December 30, 2009.  He would have been 30 years old Wednesday.

So I flew home Wednesday for one hell of a birthday party.  George’s parents were there as well as all our friends.  I spoke with Mike on Thursday morning…our heads were pounding and we both were moving really slowly, due to countless toasts to George over shots of Jägermeister.  It was an amazing night.

Me, Ox (in back), Nav & Mike Miok celebrating Wednesday night. (That's not red eye...that's booze)

The last time I spoke to George we sat at a bar, drank too many pints, and I grilled him on his reasons for being in the Military.  I’m not preaching, I’m not into politics, I just know that George wanted to make a difference.  He believed in what he was doing with a passion that made me envious.

My own brother, Scott Gilmore, is an advisor for the Canadian Hero Fund. “The Canadian Hero Fund is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Canadian military personnel and their families.”

Here is their website to learn more (Notice the big “DONATE” button in the upper right hand corner 😉

I’m not sure why I’m writing this blog.  I’m not one to have a cause or get up on a soapbox.  But I think it’s because, no matter your political or moral stance, we often take our safety for granted.


You can read a little more about George here…



I have been contacted by the UofA on how to donate to the “Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarship Fund“.

1 – Click here
2 – Under ‘Faculty Giving Priorities’ click “Education
3 – A secure site will pop up & halfway down they’ll ask “Please identify the fund that you wish to allocate your donation…”
There is a drop down menu & the last option is “Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarship Fund“.

Thank You.


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A Sicky & His Stargate Pictures

I should be sick in bed at home, but instead I’m sick at Starbucks.  I’m stuffed-up enough to be incoherent but the exchange I had with the barista confuses me…

She – Hi!
Me – Hey, how are ya?
She – What?
Me – (I lean in closer) How are ya?
She – What?
Me – Nevermind. Extra hot latte please
She – I’m good, how are you?
Me – …

Volker reacts to the Barista.

I actually enjoy getting sick, it allows Me to be Me, guilt free.  Sleep in. Phone off the hook. 3 Naps. Bathrobe. 30min shower.  Soup.  Xbox.  DVR.  Podcasts.  Hot tea.  I’m a sedentary person and this is a forced vacation.  Sure, I wake up with dry mouth & wonder how many spiders crawled into my mouth, but I know there’s a hot shower and a nap a mere hour away.

Let’s get to some pictures.  SGU is winding down and I’m not sure how I’ll react in a week when it’s over.  I’ve been busy enough to stay distracted but I’ve been sitting still the last two days.  I’ve had ‘Fantasia on a Theme’ by Thomas Tallis on repeat. Morose? Maybe.  But doesn’t it get you excited for the future?

So…’Epilogue’, it breaks my heart every time I watch it.  It also contains a better cap to Brody’s character than I could have ever imagined…

"Get off my lawn!"

I can’t express to you how talented every department was in SGU.  I remember on the set of ‘Blockade’  between takes just wandering through the street set taking pictures.  After 2000 years our ancestors may have spoken the same language, but the spelling had morphed.  SGU Set Dec went all out on the littlest details…

A wink to SG1?

Cool stuff, right?!  Here’s Peter getting into Monkey mode…

A lot of late nights which made us all punchy and so our regular ratio of work to laughter, 33% – 66%, was skewed to a solid 10-90.

Not so tough now, hey Bitch?!

And of course this culminated in the reappearance of the curious monkey named Kelamis…Peter Kelamis is ‘The Monkey & The Drone’.

Alright…I can’t even taste my coffee.  Back to bed and my Ally McBeal marathon.


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FAQ (April 2011)


Sorry for the delay. Easter was busy, what with all the swimming and napping.  Here are a few familiar questions, followed by some of my favorites from last week.

1 – How can I help get SGU back for Season 3?

I don’t think you can.  By now you’ve probably heard that SGU is no more.  I wish I could give you a list of things you could do to help, but I don’t even think Time Travel would do the trick.  Everyone is going to have an opinion on why SGU came to an abrupt end.  I’ve heard a lot of strong but misguided, sometimes arrogant, opinions from commentators, fans and actors alike.  I can tell you right now that the content & quality of the show was not the reason it was canceled.  I know that sounds bias, but I am the biggest critic of my work.  You can trust me, I’ve done some really shitty TV and I’m the first to admit it.  One day, over a beer, I’ll give you my vitriolic take on why it was canceled.  You’ll  have to get me drunk…then roofied…then we can party, and talk.

Stargate, as a franchise, is not dead.  It’s a money maker, but the soil needs to rest.  A perfect example is Star Trek.

You know…maybe there’s one last thing you can do, just a gesture…buy the DVDs.  Buy the Blu-Rays, watch the series over again.  Listen to my overexposed presence on the episode commentaries.  Tell a friend about the show.  Give the box-set as a gift.  Quote it.  Return to it once a year and watch it straight through.  Remember SGU.

“History will be kind to Stargate Universe.”– Patrick Gilmore, 2011

2 – Will you be attending the __________ Convention?

I remember booking SGU and people saying, “Well, you’ll be doing conventions now for the rest of your life.”  I’d like to say “Yes, come see me at _____!”  but the more I delve into it the more I think I just don’t have the time to figure it out, or go to one for that matter.

I visited my friend Ryan Robbins at an SG1/SGA/Farscape convention in L.A. back in November, 2009.  Peter Kelamis and I snuck in but had to really sweet talk the “gatekeepers” to let us in for free.  I had no idea what to expect but had fun watching Ryan answer questions on stage.  Later that night I attended the bar party where Ryan sang Karaoke and went from table to table chatting up fans.  I met some cool people and had some nice chats, but I retired early to the pool for a night swim, then to my room.  I do love me a nice hotel.  I have talked to convention agents, but from what I understand there needs to be a demand, the convention has to invite you.  Then you need a convention agent working on your behalf, or some go-between, and then bla bla bla…it just becomes a hassle.  Kelamis is going to his first, an SG1/SGA convention this June in Vancouver.   I should be in town that weekend, so I’ll get the details from him about how it went down.  (Can anyone tell me why SGU is still not represented in convention advertising?)   I’d love to go to one in London, or somewhere I’ve never been like Australia, Chicago, Atlanta, New York…or anywhere that flies me and has a pool at the hotel.  I hear they’re a lot of fun, but maybe this is Jebus’ way of telling me to shut up and get back to work.

I assume all conventions are like this...

3 – What new projects do you have coming up?

I did four episodes of ‘The Killing’ which is airing right now on AMC.  I play Tom Drexler and he’s a helluva departure from Volker & Trennan.

Tom Drexler from 'The Killing'

I filmed a mocumentary last June that is just finishing post-production.  It’s called ‘Sunflower Hour’ and also stars Ben Cotton, who you’d know from SGA and the upcoming ‘BSG: Blood & Chrome’.  This is a movie I will not be showing my parents.  I am practically unrecognizable in this.  I play a closeted-gay, Christian-fundamentalist, puppeteer.  Yup, I sure do.

Coming Soon

The future of ‘Riese’ is still bright.  It’s airing all over the bloody world now.  I’ll keep you posted as to what happens there.

Trennan from 'Riese'

Right now I’m filming a movie called ‘Recoil’ with Steve Austin and Danny Trejo & this weekend a short film with my friend Bradley Stryker (Curtis from SGU ‘Air’).

Stryker as Curtis in SGU

Stryker is his real name. Bradley Eugene Stryker…Jr.

4 – When is the next Laptop Chat?

It’s a surprise *winky face emoticon*  I honestly don’t know.  It’s always fun when it’s done, but it is work and rather indulgent.  The following is taken into consideration:

-Do I have time?

-Do I have a new guest who wants to do one & has the time?

-Do we have new things to talk about? Things to plug? News?

-Has it been an appropriate amount of time since the last one?

-How many views are these getting?

-Is there an interest from fans?

…and if all answers are ‘Yes’, then you’ll hear about it.


You can see all the Laptop Chats here: Ivon Bartok Part 1, Ivon Bartok Part 2 & Peter Kelamis.

And here are some of my favorite questions from last week…

What was your favorite Canadian TV program growing up?


Have you done a lot of traveling other than for filming?

I’ve spent a summer in London, and last year went to Cuba for two weeks.  I’ve traveled to France, Korea, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and others.  But I’m not nearly satisfied with this list.

Self Portrait, Cuba, 2010

My favorite word is ‘subaqueous’, what’s yours?


What is the highest thing you have ever jumped off of?

What an odd question.  Even more odd is that I have an answer and recent example.  This cliff?

Summer 2010, seconds before I protected my sperm.

Thanks for the questions everyone. Sorry I couldn’t get to all. We’ll do this again sometime.


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The Problem With Art…

…is that EVERYONE is right.  Art is like a first year English Literature course:

Student 1I think the rainbow in the story signifies life.
TeacherOooh, absolutely.
Student 2I think the rainbow in the story signifies Ice-cream.
TeacherYummy. You’re both right!

So when I recently heard this…

 “I don’t watch movies, but you know what I saw that was so good ‘My Cousin Vinny’. That girl is so talented.  And ‘Moonstruck’. Have you seen that?  I really liked that movie.  Actually I just watched one called ‘Burlesque’. Amazing!”

…my first instinct was to voice my very strong opinion, but then I remembered I’m the one who should be held accountable for this…

So, because I’m responsible for a lot of ridiculousness, I have to be one of those people that says “Good Art is subjective”  …but I don’t believe it at all.  Some opinions are just Wrong.

Period. Exclamation Mark. Slight Hesitation. Resolution. Confirmed Nod.


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L.A. Flight Delay

On my way down to L.A. for a few days and my flight is delayed 2hrs. Coupled with the “BE THERE 2HRS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT” mantra that they terrify you with, I now have 4 hrs to kill.


This is a group of LA bound passengers, so I am inundated with fake tits. Why is “tits’ more crass than “boobs”? I say “boobs” and I feel like a giggling teenager. Boobs are maternal. There be TITS here!


Ran into a little snag. How do you go to the bathroom without leaving your bags or settling up? Working some muscles now to hold off the inevitable.

I watched one of the ‘Fake’ woman lick the salt off of her caesar. I think you need to make a conscious effort to keep that sexy. This was not. It was like a horse to salt…oh, that’s just too dead on. I think she saw me staring, and now I’m doing that thing where you stare at random objects just to prove to her that it wasn’t personal, I’m just a really deep thinker.


After 20yrs of drinking I still can’t trust my “Genius Ideas”. I convince myself of the most inane prospects. I write them down emphatically and tomorrow I’ll wake up and wonder what I should do with “Hotdogs/jungle theme/internet”. I heard a stand-up say the same thing once…I’m not a precious snowflake. I also still think that, 3 beers in, I’m those most charming mofo. I’m currently ‘putting out the vibe’ as if to say “Trust me, there’s dynamic conversation to be had over here! LINE UP!”

The radio is nailing some fantastic 70s & 80s tunes. Def Leopard’s ‘Hysteria’, New Order and now ‘This Flight Tonight’ by Nazereth. Salt Lick Woman catches me singing along and I catch her singing too. We lock eyes. Maybe there’s something there. Her elderly husband is doing Soduko & we’re bonding with “I’m drinkin’ sweet champagne got the headphones up hiiiiigh…” Horse imagery be damned.


As I’m feeling Huey’s ‘Power of Love’ I’m thinking of just posting this blog now. My typing is getting a little sloppy…and it’s not that I get more opinionated the more I drink, it’s just I FEEL it more. I’ve always thought John Cougar’s ‘Jack & Diane’ is overplayed & overrated, but beer makes me say it out loud to the bartender who really only has one thing to say to me, “Another?” I judge for the briefest moment before “Yes please.”


Dodgy. My flight is still over an hour away. My agent called and I was making very little sense. I need to reel this in. Got my bill & headed to Tim Hortons for something to eat. The guy in front of me is the Loud Yawner. You know this guy? His yawn is more of an announcement than a reflex. We get it, you have a story, we All do. The employee says “Here’s your change, your order will be up over there and we’ll call you.” Yawner replies “Call me what? HAHAHAHA…Ahhhh, ok, Thanks.” His kids hate introducing him to their friends.

…and then I notice it. Old Man Yawner left his paid for Croissant by the till. I place my order, casually lifting my bag onto the counter. I scope the joint, measure my guilt. Yawner is now chatting up an uninterested single woman. I stuff the croissant into my bag, pay for my drink and run. I had planned on going back to the bar for Beer 6, but there’s too much heat now.

I scramble to my gate, and with croissant in mouth, I “go the mattresses” to sober up.


*update* Loud Yawner is sitting in front of me on the plane. Fighting the urge to confess.

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I have to thank you all for the kind words regarding the Stargate Universe episode ‘Hope’.  The response has been wonderful, so here are a few photos I took on set.  If you had said nasty things, however, this blog would have been a Starbucks rant or some other blowhard bullshit of mine.  Enjoy…

My Arm was red for weeks due to all the applying and reapplying of tape. My coffee & sides are never far from me.

The makeup department did such an amazing job that everyone assumed I was actually sick that month. I also heard ever Hobbit joke there is.

Slating as Jamil prepares for our chat about not wanting to be anywhere but on the Destiny. Word.

I often stayed in the bed during set-ups as the crew worked hard around me.

Thank God I didn't go into the light.

Jules, Jen, Bartok, Alaina & Klam between set-ups. Probably looking at the German Porn Jen always brings to set. Clearly Ivon is ready to film some of his own. Peter's pose still makes me laugh.

Jamil & I had molds taken of our torso so they could pull kidneys out of us. Jamil obviously slipped them a c-note to get the 6-pack option...I didn't.

WAY TOO REAL! I think this was Alaina making my stomach talk.

So, those are my nipples. And proof I didn't pay for the 6-pack Add-on.

See, I can make it talk too. No big deal.

I let just about anyone stick a finger in me.

The medical consultant on set showed us all how to stitch a gaping wound. I wasn't too concerned about learning...

...I was too busy enjoying all the attention.

What I remember most is the collaboration.  I’m a huge fan of Carl Binder, so I was thrilled that he gave me something so fun to do. I got to spend a lot of time with Will Warring discussing the plan.  As well as strong Jamil who made the scary moments human.  And gorgeous Alaina, who made the tender moments so accessible.  And of course Kelamis…well, it was just another playground for Klam and I to screw around.  When I heard SGU was canceled the very first thoughts I had were these exact moments and the temporary loss of working with these incredible people who mean the world to me.

Anyway, what was I saying? …oh yeah, STARBUCKS! WTF is with not putting our G.D. names on the cups?!?!?!?!


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The Music of Stargate Universe


1 – GravityEmbassy
(The original SGU Trailer / From the Album ‘The War of Art’)

2 – Vissi d’artePuccini
(Episode 1×01 “Air Pt.1” / From the Opera ‘Tosca’)

3 – BreatheAlexi Murdoch
(Episode 1×03 “Air Pt.3” / From the Album ‘Time Without Consequence’)

4 – Many MoonsJanelle Monae
(Episode 1×07 “Earth” / From the Album ‘Metropolis Suite 1’)

5 – The Worst Day Since YesterdayFlogging Molly
(Episode 1×09 “Life” / From the Album ‘Swagger’)

6 – ComfortDeb Talan
(Episode 1×09 “Life” / From the Album ‘A Bird Flies Out’)

7 – Now Comes the NightRob Thomas
(Episode 1×11 “Space” / From the Album ‘Something to Be’)

8 – You Won’t KnowBrand New
(Episode 1×12 “Divided” ‘ From the Album ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’)

9 – All My DaysAlexi Murdoch
(Episode 1×13 “Faith” / From the Album ‘Time Without Consequence’)

10 – English RoseThe Jam
(Episode 1×14 “Human” / From the Album ‘All Mod Cons’)

11 – Only If You RunJulian Plenti
(Episode 1×16 “Sabotage” / From the Album ‘Julian Plenti is…Skyscraper’)

12 – What You Want Me To Do?The Heavy
(Episode 1×17 “Pain” / From the Album ‘The House That Dirt Built’)

13 – AgonyEels
(Episode 1×17 “Pain” / From the Album ‘Shootenanny!’


14 – LostColdplay
(From the 2009 ComicCon SGU Preview / From the Album ‘Viva La Vida’)

15 – Stargate OvertureDavid Arnold
(From the original 1994 film ‘Stargate’)



1 – After the StormMumford & Sons
(Episode 2×01 “Intervention” / From the album ‘Sigh No More’)

2 – Sort of RevolutionFink
(Episode 2×03 “Awakenings” / From the album ‘Sort of Revolution’)

3 – AscoltaLudovico Einaudi
(Episode 2×04 “Pathogen” / From the album ‘Divenire’)

4 – AriosoJohann Sebastian Bach
(Episode 2×05 “Cloverdale”)

5 – Also Sprach ZarathustraRichard Strauss
(Episode 2×14 “Hope” / From the album ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’)

6 – Dragostea din tei (The Numa Numa Song)O-Zone
(Episode 2×14 “Hope” / From the album ‘DiscO-Zone’)


7 – Adagio for Strings, op.11 Samuel Barber
(Once considered for the wedding montage in Episode 2×05 “Cloverdale”)


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