Branding My Bored Ass

I want a logo.  So today I decided to actively search for ideas. I really just googled my name while drinking coffee and getting sidetracked by sites like this…

However, I have found these already in use logos…

All angry animals, take note.  And of course there’s always the standby Parental Guidance joke…I threw in the towel after spending 2 lovely narcissistic hours trying to find or create drawings/art of me. I did however find this fan art from Riese…Satisfied with the “work” I put in, I have now spent the remaining hours in the day on this site…


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5 Responses to Branding My Bored Ass

  1. cherluvya says:

    Ha..I so love the game. I am stealing it. *grins* And as far as the branding goes…I’d keep looking. But there are talented people out there that would probably create you one for free. #JustSaying

  2. AndreaClaire says:

    After hours of playing rock-paper-scissors you must be an expert so I’m wondering if you could explain to me how the frak paper beats rock? In my world (ie reality) if you throw rock at paper, paper rips or gets funny bumps and dents in it. Sounds like a loss to me.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hey, wow. You found my art; that makes me terribly excited. 🙂

    I never thought of googling my initials to get ideas for branding, though I do know that SRS has something to do with the inside of a car. *shrug*

  4. PBMom says:

    PG could be “pure goodness.”

    In high school, my maiden name was Clark. Take the first two initials of my first name (Hi) and then the (C). Don’t know if you remember the 100% sugar-filled drink called Hi-C (sort of like Hawaiian Punch but had different flavors). They had a commercial campaign back in my youth that was “Hi-C, it’s good fun.” I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 Then there was also Broom Hilda (from the cartoon character in the comics). Also the same year I was born, there was a terrible hurricane named Hilda, so devastating they permanently retired it from a storm ever being named that again. So Hurricane Hilda was also a nickname because I’d whirl right in to whatever situation with category 4 winds, stir up all kinds of stuff (usually barking out commands, assigning tasks to people), and then whip back out the other side, leaving people to scratch their heads and go, “What the HELL was THAT?” I don’t know what insane idea my mother had naming her daughter “Hilda” when she was born on St. Patrick’s Day, but now, knowing that it means “battle maiden” with all the battles I’ve had to fight in my life, especially those for my son, Patrick, it fits me better.

  5. chevron7 says:

    I really think your brand needs to be a caricature of you…are you too harsh a critic or is it easier to drawn Ivon than yourself?

    I’m tossing around a few ideas…when I get them a bit more formed I’ll email them to you…for free…for fun

    Cheers, Chev
    aka @imwebgurl

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