Frenetic Fridays

I find myself with a little time on my hands today.

So I’ve come to mecca to gather my thoughts…

#1 – I haven’t impregnated anybody, but today the soundtrack in my brains is this goddamn song.

#2 – Two days ago a too-cool-for-school douchebag of a fucking Hipster skateboarded in front of my jeep for 3 blocks. I’ve spent the time since daydreaming about his death.  It starts with him tripping and continues with me getting distracted by the radio…the rest writes itself.

#3 – I found a new diet.  It’s really just listening to other people eat and then, not wanting to be as ear bleedingly annoying as them, I go without.  3 lbs down, blood pressure up!

#4 – I signed up for Netflix and spent all last night rating over 200 movies…didn’t watch any of them.  Opinions with just a click. Like this poll by the CanadaGraph boys:

If Dr. Dale Volker wins I will sing ‘Having My Baby’ and share it with the world.



  • Stargate Universe Monday’s on SyFy (US), Tuesdays on Space Channel (Canada)
  • Riese: Kindom Falling, online on (US) Mondays & Fridays at (Canada)
  • The Killing, April 3 on AMC.
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3 Responses to Frenetic Fridays

  1. TiggerJitsu says:

    LOL, love your second thought of the day 🙂
    I find myself unable to resist the dorky urge to type “I, too, find myself dreaming of #2” 😛
    Except that for me, it’s the bicyclist who thinks he can vacillate whimsically between being a car and being a pedestrian, usually opting for the choice that pisses me off the most.

  2. PBMom says:

    And you are positive about the no-impregnating stuff? Do you have any missing, unaccounted time from your day? You know those damn aliens and their abductions.

  3. cherluvya says:

    I am so loving that you are writing a blog. I hope VOLKER wins. *smiles*

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