I have to thank you all for the kind words regarding the Stargate Universe episode ‘Hope’.  The response has been wonderful, so here are a few photos I took on set.  If you had said nasty things, however, this blog would have been a Starbucks rant or some other blowhard bullshit of mine.  Enjoy…

My Arm was red for weeks due to all the applying and reapplying of tape. My coffee & sides are never far from me.

The makeup department did such an amazing job that everyone assumed I was actually sick that month. I also heard ever Hobbit joke there is.

Slating as Jamil prepares for our chat about not wanting to be anywhere but on the Destiny. Word.

I often stayed in the bed during set-ups as the crew worked hard around me.

Thank God I didn't go into the light.

Jules, Jen, Bartok, Alaina & Klam between set-ups. Probably looking at the German Porn Jen always brings to set. Clearly Ivon is ready to film some of his own. Peter's pose still makes me laugh.

Jamil & I had molds taken of our torso so they could pull kidneys out of us. Jamil obviously slipped them a c-note to get the 6-pack option...I didn't.

WAY TOO REAL! I think this was Alaina making my stomach talk.

So, those are my nipples. And proof I didn't pay for the 6-pack Add-on.

See, I can make it talk too. No big deal.

I let just about anyone stick a finger in me.

The medical consultant on set showed us all how to stitch a gaping wound. I wasn't too concerned about learning...

...I was too busy enjoying all the attention.

What I remember most is the collaboration.  I’m a huge fan of Carl Binder, so I was thrilled that he gave me something so fun to do. I got to spend a lot of time with Will Warring discussing the plan.  As well as strong Jamil who made the scary moments human.  And gorgeous Alaina, who made the tender moments so accessible.  And of course Kelamis…well, it was just another playground for Klam and I to screw around.  When I heard SGU was canceled the very first thoughts I had were these exact moments and the temporary loss of working with these incredible people who mean the world to me.

Anyway, what was I saying? …oh yeah, STARBUCKS! WTF is with not putting our G.D. names on the cups?!?!?!?!


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8 Responses to Hope

  1. Lev says:

    Great episode and great acting all around. The expression on your face when Brody played A.S.Z. was priceless. 🙂 I can’t tell you how gutted I was when I heard it was cancelled. Any word on whether or not we’re going to get a worthy ending for SG.U? A TV movie perhaps? Online computer game? Comic book? Bubblegum wrapper? I’ll take anything.

  2. Sharon says:

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I think this is my favorite episode of the season so far. It was truly an ensemble episode. 🙂

  3. mike says:

    Hot damn, makeup people are talented, you had just the right amount of death on you.

  4. PBMom says:

    How very kind of you to share some behind-the-scenes stuff with us. It was a fabulous episode. Yep, the makeup people were spot-on. I love Carl Binder episodes. They have such heart (or in this case kidney) in them.

  5. cherluvya says:

    HOPE is by far my favorite episode! And why would people call you a hobbit? I love your hair. For me it’s so Gilmore…you look very handsome! I guess it was longer for the show. Have you cut very much of it for your newer projects?

    I especially loved the entire song discussion between Volker and Brody. You two make a great team in creating those great Stargate laughing moments. I swear I laugh AND cry in every episode. Such a great show…I’m happy for the extra Volker/Brody air-time. *smiles*

  6. Mark says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. jorie74 says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Mr. Gilmore! It was awesome to read your cutlines on the photos as well as look at the photos, everyone really appreciates it! Checking out the Laptop Chats on YouTube right now, my computer’s a tad on the pokey side so I’m letting it load as I type this to you…

    I am an acting student in Winnipeg at the Academy of Acting, and recently posted a scene I did for class (in the form of a mock audition tape). Yes it’s on YouTube as well, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOi-b6aePwU is the link for it, if you want to check it out…it’s been suggested by Jamil that I try one of his scenes next, so whenever I have a spare moment, I will, any requests from you? 🙂

    Take care, and looking forward to “Seizure” tonight on Space!!!


  8. Mark says:

    p.s. did you guys consult with some docs for this? Last I knew kidneys were not in front. 😉

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