The Problem With Art…

…is that EVERYONE is right.  Art is like a first year English Literature course:

Student 1I think the rainbow in the story signifies life.
TeacherOooh, absolutely.
Student 2I think the rainbow in the story signifies Ice-cream.
TeacherYummy. You’re both right!

So when I recently heard this…

 “I don’t watch movies, but you know what I saw that was so good ‘My Cousin Vinny’. That girl is so talented.  And ‘Moonstruck’. Have you seen that?  I really liked that movie.  Actually I just watched one called ‘Burlesque’. Amazing!”

…my first instinct was to voice my very strong opinion, but then I remembered I’m the one who should be held accountable for this…

So, because I’m responsible for a lot of ridiculousness, I have to be one of those people that says “Good Art is subjective”  …but I don’t believe it at all.  Some opinions are just Wrong.

Period. Exclamation Mark. Slight Hesitation. Resolution. Confirmed Nod.


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4 Responses to The Problem With Art…

  1. Molina says:

    I’m too pretentious to think you are right, but then again I know better

  2. Zaq says:

    There are different levels of bullshit involved in this sort of discussion and the level I hate the most is the ‘real’ literary analysis part. Just because some people take things way too far. And I kinda burned out on it since I tried studying for some entrance exams for university (English philology) and one third of it was poetry and literary analysis, along with phonetics and language history and whatnot. I tried to just force myself through it, but I got more and more disgusted by it as time went on so I just gave up on it.

    I’m really fascinated by how languages work and function and how it’s produced in the human body and by groups culturally, so I loved studying that part. But each time I got to the end of the other books and I knew I had to change to the poetry book, I felt sick, annoyed and wronged in so many ways.
    Here was a subject I was supposed to like, love even, and they were twisting it in to their own evil ways and I couldn’t help but detest it.

    The other two thirds made sense, it was real science, backed up by studies and rigorous research. But in the last third you’re suddenly plunged in to Wonderland where nothing you thought that was required of logic isn’t needed and is actually more of a hinderence than help.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is, that exactly because your first example exists, AND it’s actually regarded as mainstream and the real deal in criticism you can’t really say much about the second type without coming out as a jackass.

    Sorry for the long rant, but it’s hard to resist yet another chance to sperg about this subject. (and yes I’m still bitter about not getting in to university because of it =D)

  3. PBMom says:

    That is why I enjoy science better. (Great video–thanks for the laughs).

  4. chevron7 says:

    Some artwork I can appreciate the technique, others I like because it might evoke some feeling, others I don’t understand at all. What I get from a piece of art is personal, the same way that when I watch a film, my review of it is personal. I might relate to something because of a prior experience. I never got Mulholland Drive, never enjoyed it yet I’m sure there’s someone out there who will say it’s the best piece of cinema made. My opinion is no better than theirs, it’s just my opinion. I like talking to people about films. Inception is an easy example. So many people have different opinions on what was reality etc. I think it’s worth listening to them all and make up your own mind.


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