Sergeant George Miok

I’m in Edmonton, Alberta right now to celebrate the birthday of George Miok.  George’s brother Mike has been one of my closest friends since High School.  George is the youngest of four brothers.  He joined the Military at 17, served in Afghanistan, came back home, became a teacher, and taught Grade 7 at St. Cecilia’s Junior High School in Edmonton.  Then Sergeant George Miok decided to do another tour before he settled down as a teacher for the rest of his life.  George was killed outside of Kandahar, December 30, 2009.  He would have been 30 years old Wednesday.

So I flew home Wednesday for one hell of a birthday party.  George’s parents were there as well as all our friends.  I spoke with Mike on Thursday morning…our heads were pounding and we both were moving really slowly, due to countless toasts to George over shots of Jägermeister.  It was an amazing night.

Me, Ox (in back), Nav & Mike Miok celebrating Wednesday night. (That's not red eye...that's booze)

The last time I spoke to George we sat at a bar, drank too many pints, and I grilled him on his reasons for being in the Military.  I’m not preaching, I’m not into politics, I just know that George wanted to make a difference.  He believed in what he was doing with a passion that made me envious.

My own brother, Scott Gilmore, is an advisor for the Canadian Hero Fund. “The Canadian Hero Fund is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Canadian military personnel and their families.”

Here is their website to learn more (Notice the big “DONATE” button in the upper right hand corner 😉

I’m not sure why I’m writing this blog.  I’m not one to have a cause or get up on a soapbox.  But I think it’s because, no matter your political or moral stance, we often take our safety for granted.


You can read a little more about George here…



I have been contacted by the UofA on how to donate to the “Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarship Fund“.

1 – Click here
2 – Under ‘Faculty Giving Priorities’ click “Education
3 – A secure site will pop up & halfway down they’ll ask “Please identify the fund that you wish to allocate your donation…”
There is a drop down menu & the last option is “Sgt. George R. Miok Memorial Scholarship Fund“.

Thank You.


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11 Responses to George

  1. Hey Patrick,

    Big fan of yours! I just wanted to say I think it’s awesome that you went to that Birthday party for my buddy as well George. He was one of the people responsible for me graduating my basic training. I only wish I could have been there to celebrate his birthday as well, but I’m in New Zealand for a bit.

    On a different note, I have a casting interview for The Hobbit. Do you have any pointers that I should consider?

    Thanks a lot,

    Danny Ouellette

    • Small world. Thanks Danny.

      Regarding the audition…The first big lesson I learned in auditioning is RELAX! The casting directors aren’t your enemy. They WANT you to do well, they’re on your side…knowing you’re in a room full of people who support you helps you relax and thus do a better job. Knock em dead!

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m not a person of ‘words’, so I’ll just say this: ‘To George’!

  3. Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing this info about your friend!

    I’m sorry for your loss! I’ll pass around the site for donation 🙂
    Take care,

  4. Patricia Lee says:

    Agreed… Our freedom is not free! I am so thankful for our Men & Women in the services, who protect what we so often take for granite! GOD BLESS Them ALL!!!
    Cheers Mate!

  5. chevron7 says:

    Hey Patrick
    Thanks for telling us about George. I’m sure he’d be happy seeing y’all celebrating his life.

    An awesome charity!

    Chev aka @imwebgurl

  6. cherluvya says:

    Dear Patrick,

    I feel it is a true mark of a hero that will place his own life in harms way for others in and around him. I believe they have a heart of a lion…that gives them the courage to step into places that many of us cannot even begin to understand.

    A second tour…really did speak of his loyalty. It was less “I have to…” and more “I must do this.” George’s bravery shows the hero inside…and the love he has for his fellow man.

    What a memory gem that night will be. Honoring him…in a way he himself would probably enjoy. Good for you Patrick…for sharing the story…and for being proud of a friend’s journey in this life.

    Best always,

  7. PBMom says:

    And because you shared his story, others now know of his courage and heroism. Regardless of the politics, we have to support those who unquestioningly defend us (and their families), and remember those who have lost their lives. Thank you for sharing his story. It touched my heart deeply.

  8. Patrick,
    Words can never say enough for those that are our heros. Brave and true men and women that give their lives for our freedoms. To George, may you always celebrate his life on his birthday, with his family and friends.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  9. carol says:

    I thought you might be interested in this documentary, starting on July 4th. Gary Sinise formed this band after his role in Forrest Gump (as Lt. Dan) to support our troops; which he continues to do.

    Lt. Dan Band Movie Trailer: For the Common Good | Gary Sinise is Lt. Dan, Director Jonathan Flora, USO, Military Troops Documentary

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