10 Podcasts I Never Miss

If you don’t know what a podcast is you’re missing out. It’s like having a radio station play only your favorite programs whenever you want to hear them. Science!

Once I discovered podcasts I stopped listening to music. There are only so many hours in the day, so I’ve had to be pretty discerning as to the ones I stick with.

Off the top of my head here are 10 podcasts I always make time for.  Click on the icons or the links provided & start downloading everything for free…

#10 – This American Life

(Once a week / 1hr)


This American Life has been around since 1995. They pick a topic and present three stories based on the theme. Ira Glass is the host and there are so many talented contributors.  This is the program that brought David Sedaris to the public.  So, if you like him you’ll love TAL.

#9 – Desert Island Discs

(Once a week / 30-40mins)


A BBC mainstay since 1942, a public figure sits with Kristy Young and brings in 8 pieces of music that define their lives.  Not only do you get a wonderful biography of accomplished people you are also introduced to many different types of fantastic music.

#8 – All Songs Considered

(Once a week / 30-60mins)


Speaking of music, every podcast the hosts of ASC bring in their favorite new music of the week. I’ve been introduced to so much cool new music months before it becomes popular. Ever heard of Carly Rae Jepsen? Ya, she’s so 8 months ago, thanks to ASC.

#7 – Under the Influence

(Once a week / 30mins)


Not only does Terry O’Reilly have a cool narrative voice, but he uses it to tell the coolest stories about pop culture and how it relates to advertising.  Much like This American Life, this podcast is so popular that you have to pay for back-episodes. Trust me, this podcast is worth it.

#6 – The IndyCast

(Every two weeks / 1-2hrs)


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it here…you aren’t truly an Indiana Jones fan if you haven’t listened to The IndyCast. Ed Dolista started the show 5 years ago and they’ve already reached 148 episodes. Last summer when I discovered the IndyCast I downloaded every episode and listened to them all straight through. Great guests, brilliant features, enthusiastic contributors, every Indy fact, all Indy news, and everything put together by the strong talent of Ed Dolista. If Adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

#5 – Wiretap

(Once a week / 25mins)


It’s really not easy to describe Wiretap.  Jonathan Goldstein hosts a radioshow and as he tries to make senses of the world around him his eccentric friends call in or drop by to make things difficult and entertaining.  Very funny & often beautiful, I dole this show out sparingly because I hate when it ends.

#4 – Stuff You Should Know

(Every Tue & Thur / 30-60mins)


I just wanna hang with Josh Clark & Charles “Chuck” Bryant. These guys are so laid back, funny and overflowing with such cool facts and histories.  Twice a week they’ll tell you everything you need to and want to know about everything. EVERYTHING! It’s as if Wikipedia turned into your two funnest friends.

#3 – Here’s the Thing

(Every two weeks / 30+mins)


In depth & casual conversations with the likes of David Letterman, Kristen Wiig, Dick Cavett, Lorne Michaels, Billy Joel, and more. The best part? It’s hosted by Alec Baldwin! The Robert Lustig episode is one of my favorites.

#2 – The Memory Palace

(Once a month / 5-20mins)


I wish this was an everyday podcast.  In the most beautiful and poetic manner Nate DiMeo narrates a short story that feels like a dream, could be a movie, and is 100% true. Like a haunting bedtime story, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  Don’t miss this one.

#1 – The Adam Carolla Show

(Every week day / 1-2hrs)


Ok, I admit, Adam Carolla isn’t for everyone. I have converted so many friends and even a couple of those have fallen away.  Recently someone referred to the Ace Man (Adam) as my “Personal Jesus.” I can’t argue. I laugh out loud while listening and not a day goes by that I don’t pass along some of his wisdom “…You know, Adam would say…”.  He’s controversial and everyday I live with the fear that Adam will one day say something so over the line that he won’t be able to rebound and I’ll have to keep my love a secret.  Starting from nothing here’s a guy that has created an empire. According to Guinness, as of last year, the AC Show is the most downloaded podcast in history. Among his razor sharp quick wit Adam has some truly inspiring philosophies. “Remember, if it doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t make you happy, Don’t do it.” -Adam Carolla


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2 Responses to 10 Podcasts I Never Miss

  1. cherluvya says:

    I have worked with Ira and am amazed with the show. I end up at the website and either reading the stories or listening to them.

    Great list.

  2. James says:

    We have very similar tastes in podcasts, Doctor Gilmore.
    Check out Keith And The Girl, I think you’ll dig it!

    Obligatory comment about how much I love Stargate Universe.

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