L.A. Flight Delay

On my way down to L.A. for a few days and my flight is delayed 2hrs. Coupled with the “BE THERE 2HRS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT” mantra that they terrify you with, I now have 4 hrs to kill.


This is a group of LA bound passengers, so I am inundated with fake tits. Why is “tits’ more crass than “boobs”? I say “boobs” and I feel like a giggling teenager. Boobs are maternal. There be TITS here!


Ran into a little snag. How do you go to the bathroom without leaving your bags or settling up? Working some muscles now to hold off the inevitable.

I watched one of the ‘Fake’ woman lick the salt off of her caesar. I think you need to make a conscious effort to keep that sexy. This was not. It was like a horse to salt…oh, that’s just too dead on. I think she saw me staring, and now I’m doing that thing where you stare at random objects just to prove to her that it wasn’t personal, I’m just a really deep thinker.


After 20yrs of drinking I still can’t trust my “Genius Ideas”. I convince myself of the most inane prospects. I write them down emphatically and tomorrow I’ll wake up and wonder what I should do with “Hotdogs/jungle theme/internet”. I heard a stand-up say the same thing once…I’m not a precious snowflake. I also still think that, 3 beers in, I’m those most charming mofo. I’m currently ‘putting out the vibe’ as if to say “Trust me, there’s dynamic conversation to be had over here! LINE UP!”

The radio is nailing some fantastic 70s & 80s tunes. Def Leopard’s ‘Hysteria’, New Order and now ‘This Flight Tonight’ by Nazereth. Salt Lick Woman catches me singing along and I catch her singing too. We lock eyes. Maybe there’s something there. Her elderly husband is doing Soduko & we’re bonding with “I’m drinkin’ sweet champagne got the headphones up hiiiiigh…” Horse imagery be damned.


As I’m feeling Huey’s ‘Power of Love’ I’m thinking of just posting this blog now. My typing is getting a little sloppy…and it’s not that I get more opinionated the more I drink, it’s just I FEEL it more. I’ve always thought John Cougar’s ‘Jack & Diane’ is overplayed & overrated, but beer makes me say it out loud to the bartender who really only has one thing to say to me, “Another?” I judge for the briefest moment before “Yes please.”


Dodgy. My flight is still over an hour away. My agent called and I was making very little sense. I need to reel this in. Got my bill & headed to Tim Hortons for something to eat. The guy in front of me is the Loud Yawner. You know this guy? His yawn is more of an announcement than a reflex. We get it, you have a story, we All do. The employee says “Here’s your change, your order will be up over there and we’ll call you.” Yawner replies “Call me what? HAHAHAHA…Ahhhh, ok, Thanks.” His kids hate introducing him to their friends.

…and then I notice it. Old Man Yawner left his paid for Croissant by the till. I place my order, casually lifting my bag onto the counter. I scope the joint, measure my guilt. Yawner is now chatting up an uninterested single woman. I stuff the croissant into my bag, pay for my drink and run. I had planned on going back to the bar for Beer 6, but there’s too much heat now.

I scramble to my gate, and with croissant in mouth, I “go the mattresses” to sober up.


*update* Loud Yawner is sitting in front of me on the plane. Fighting the urge to confess.

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I have to thank you all for the kind words regarding the Stargate Universe episode ‘Hope’.  The response has been wonderful, so here are a few photos I took on set.  If you had said nasty things, however, this blog would have been a Starbucks rant or some other blowhard bullshit of mine.  Enjoy…

My Arm was red for weeks due to all the applying and reapplying of tape. My coffee & sides are never far from me.

The makeup department did such an amazing job that everyone assumed I was actually sick that month. I also heard ever Hobbit joke there is.

Slating as Jamil prepares for our chat about not wanting to be anywhere but on the Destiny. Word.

I often stayed in the bed during set-ups as the crew worked hard around me.

Thank God I didn't go into the light.

Jules, Jen, Bartok, Alaina & Klam between set-ups. Probably looking at the German Porn Jen always brings to set. Clearly Ivon is ready to film some of his own. Peter's pose still makes me laugh.

Jamil & I had molds taken of our torso so they could pull kidneys out of us. Jamil obviously slipped them a c-note to get the 6-pack option...I didn't.

WAY TOO REAL! I think this was Alaina making my stomach talk.

So, those are my nipples. And proof I didn't pay for the 6-pack Add-on.

See, I can make it talk too. No big deal.

I let just about anyone stick a finger in me.

The medical consultant on set showed us all how to stitch a gaping wound. I wasn't too concerned about learning...

...I was too busy enjoying all the attention.

What I remember most is the collaboration.  I’m a huge fan of Carl Binder, so I was thrilled that he gave me something so fun to do. I got to spend a lot of time with Will Warring discussing the plan.  As well as strong Jamil who made the scary moments human.  And gorgeous Alaina, who made the tender moments so accessible.  And of course Kelamis…well, it was just another playground for Klam and I to screw around.  When I heard SGU was canceled the very first thoughts I had were these exact moments and the temporary loss of working with these incredible people who mean the world to me.

Anyway, what was I saying? …oh yeah, STARBUCKS! WTF is with not putting our G.D. names on the cups?!?!?!?!


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The Music of Stargate Universe


1 – GravityEmbassy
(The original SGU Trailer / From the Album ‘The War of Art’)

2 – Vissi d’artePuccini
(Episode 1×01 “Air Pt.1” / From the Opera ‘Tosca’)

3 – BreatheAlexi Murdoch
(Episode 1×03 “Air Pt.3” / From the Album ‘Time Without Consequence’)

4 – Many MoonsJanelle Monae
(Episode 1×07 “Earth” / From the Album ‘Metropolis Suite 1’)

5 – The Worst Day Since YesterdayFlogging Molly
(Episode 1×09 “Life” / From the Album ‘Swagger’)

6 – ComfortDeb Talan
(Episode 1×09 “Life” / From the Album ‘A Bird Flies Out’)

7 – Now Comes the NightRob Thomas
(Episode 1×11 “Space” / From the Album ‘Something to Be’)

8 – You Won’t KnowBrand New
(Episode 1×12 “Divided” ‘ From the Album ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’)

9 – All My DaysAlexi Murdoch
(Episode 1×13 “Faith” / From the Album ‘Time Without Consequence’)

10 – English RoseThe Jam
(Episode 1×14 “Human” / From the Album ‘All Mod Cons’)

11 – Only If You RunJulian Plenti
(Episode 1×16 “Sabotage” / From the Album ‘Julian Plenti is…Skyscraper’)

12 – What You Want Me To Do?The Heavy
(Episode 1×17 “Pain” / From the Album ‘The House That Dirt Built’)

13 – AgonyEels
(Episode 1×17 “Pain” / From the Album ‘Shootenanny!’


14 – LostColdplay
(From the 2009 ComicCon SGU Preview / From the Album ‘Viva La Vida’)

15 – Stargate OvertureDavid Arnold
(From the original 1994 film ‘Stargate’)



1 – After the StormMumford & Sons
(Episode 2×01 “Intervention” / From the album ‘Sigh No More’)

2 – Sort of RevolutionFink
(Episode 2×03 “Awakenings” / From the album ‘Sort of Revolution’)

3 – AscoltaLudovico Einaudi
(Episode 2×04 “Pathogen” / From the album ‘Divenire’)

4 – AriosoJohann Sebastian Bach
(Episode 2×05 “Cloverdale”)

5 – Also Sprach ZarathustraRichard Strauss
(Episode 2×14 “Hope” / From the album ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’)

6 – Dragostea din tei (The Numa Numa Song)O-Zone
(Episode 2×14 “Hope” / From the album ‘DiscO-Zone’)


7 – Adagio for Strings, op.11 Samuel Barber
(Once considered for the wedding montage in Episode 2×05 “Cloverdale”)


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I Feel Like a Prized Asshole…

A few days ago a little bunny in Twitterland tweeted these, seconds apart:

I ignored “at your age”, thinking I was being too sensitive, but then the ‘over the hill’ thing clarified my friend was lookin for a reaction.

Then, this morning, hippity hop hop…

I know what you’re expecting.  You’re waiting for me to rant about how mean people can be.  But the fact is, it’s a numbers game.  The more ears that hear you, the more idiots talk back.  So, instead of getting upset, my first reaction this morning was “Oh shit, a crazy Ex-girlfriend is on twitter!”  But I checked it out and, oddly enough, I don’t even know this person, as far as I can remember have never corresponded with this person and I have ZERO idea what she’s talking about.

Here’s the thing that actually bothers me…when you include “I call em like I see em” in any argument, you automatically lose.  It’s like saying “I have nothing to back up my opinion EXCEPT my very strong opinion!”

It’s the crutch of the uneducated.


…ps… I’M 34!!!!!!

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The Assassination of President Kennedy was brought up on TV today and for some reason I blurted out “I remember where I was when I heard.”  My friend, sitting beside me reading the newspaper, just shook her head sadly and said “I wasn’t even born yet.” I stared at her as she turned the page and settled into an article.  I wanted to point out that I wasn’t 50 years old, but that would involve me explaining a joke, which, as we all know, just makes you even less funny.  So instead of being unfunny I’d rather be old.

I’ve learned a little something about myself…and the friends I choose.

Speaking of funny…

-P to the G-

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An Artist Renders Me

You may remember him from this pic…


Thx Leal 😉

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Frenetic Fridays

I find myself with a little time on my hands today.

So I’ve come to mecca to gather my thoughts…

#1 – I haven’t impregnated anybody, but today the soundtrack in my brains is this goddamn song.

#2 – Two days ago a too-cool-for-school douchebag of a fucking Hipster skateboarded in front of my jeep for 3 blocks. I’ve spent the time since daydreaming about his death.  It starts with him tripping and continues with me getting distracted by the radio…the rest writes itself.

#3 – I found a new diet.  It’s really just listening to other people eat and then, not wanting to be as ear bleedingly annoying as them, I go without.  3 lbs down, blood pressure up!

#4 – I signed up for Netflix and spent all last night rating over 200 movies…didn’t watch any of them.  Opinions with just a click. Like this poll by the CanadaGraph boys:


If Dr. Dale Volker wins I will sing ‘Having My Baby’ and share it with the world.



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  • Riese: Kindom Falling, online on SyFy.com (US) Mondays & Fridays at Spacecast.com (Canada)
  • The Killing, April 3 on AMC.
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